Blue University (BlueU)

About IBM FutureBlue Blue University (BlueU):

If you don’t know what Blue University is, here’s a little bit of background: Blue University is a new program within the Career & Development Team of Future Blue which focuses on 3 sessions – Presentation, Leadership and Networking. This program is designed to help you understand why you need to master these skills early on.

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Position: Lead PR

IBM Future Blue Blue University (BlueU) archive of presentations:

July 11. Blue University event – Presentation.ppt
     (with IBM Markham Toastmasters International)
July 18. Blue University event – Leadership.ppt
     (with David Drury & David Robitaille)
July 25. Blue University event – Networking.ppt
     (with Kimberley Messer, HR Reps & Hiring Managers)

IMAGE: Blue University Members (Sabin, Andrew, Kazim, Shravana, David, Malvik)