Intern to Intern (i2i)

About IBM FutureBlue Intern to Intern (i2i):

The i2i program is designed by students for students. It is based on the idea that interns can gain tremendous value from their peers by sharing personal insights, experiences and expertise with each other. We hold a semi-structured forum that allows for interns to learn about topics relevant to their personal and professional development. i2i is solely for interns, which means that participants can directly benefit from their peers without being intimidated- one of the most underrated, yet invaluable learning resources available at IBM.

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Position: Founder

IBM Future Blue Intern to Intern (i2i) archive of presentations:

Season 1 (Jan-May):
Jan. 26 Intern to Intern (i2i) kickoff.ppt
Feb. 9 Resume critique.ppt
Feb. 23 Public speaking skills.ppt
Mar. 8 How to start your startup company.ppt
Mar. 22 Filing your tax 101.ppt
Apr. 8 Mock Interview Resume Critique (MIRC) session preparation.ppt
Apr. 8 Resume writing checklist.doc
Apr. 23 email Crafting.ppt

Season 2 (May-Sept):
May. 17 Intern to Intern (i2i) kickoff – Building Credibility.ppt
May. 31 UX/UI Design.ppt
June. 14 Start-ups
June. 28 Toastmasters – What is a pitch?.ppt
August. 2 IBM certification.ppt
August. 9 Legacy One.ppt
August. 23 Legacy Two.ppt

Note: Some presentations were simplified to click-lists
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Image: Founding i2i (Andrew, Heather, Rena, Elton, Jeff) and the legacy(Team: Rob, Tim, Judy, Manjeet; Associates: Jason, Harris) team dinner