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CaptureI have been given a task to build a Wedding website for a dear friend. While researching for his wedding website, I wanted to blog my find with the fellow readers and share the development process. It is quite surprising to find that the wedding website generate large source of revenue for the web development industry. Newly-engaged are willing to pay if the website can tailor and really spark their life’s happiest moment.

Here are some of the Design requirements (in the order of importance)

  1. Site has to be easy to navigate (minimalistic, no sub-trees)
  2. Minimize loading time (especially those using mobile device)
  3. Mobile friendly/Responsive (website cannot have hover effect)
  4. Must have key features such as (but not limited to)
    RSVP, Guest-Book, Photo, Location, Countdown/Date, Profile of Bride/Groom, Twitter/Facebook/blog, Share posts
  5. more to come…

Here are my top three Wordpress sites that I’ve found from reviewing number of themes. I’ve picked WordPress as a main CMS as it is easy to use, maintain and media/blog heavy (then Joomla, for example). It has less of a learning curve for the learners as well. It is also important to research and start with a base theme. Customizing from the get-go(default WP designs) will take too long without a graphic designer. Developing a website from scratch may also cause undesired style issues when viewed from a different mobile devices.

Review number one – Hitched:

reviewoneWebsite is very promising

  • Easy to navigate/responsive
  • Large slider on top
  • very colorful/soft banner & design
  • Guestbook/RSVP/Gallery
  • 3 column design

Points to improve

  • No navigation bar when scrolled
  • Cannot use drop-down for mobile
  • Text heavy

Review number two – Geeklove:


Very clean yet different approach

  • Easy to navigate/responsive
  • immediate profile on top
  • very modern/square banner & design
  • Tweet/Guestbook/Locations/Gallery
  • single column design

Points to improve

  • No navigation bar when scrolled
  • Cannot use drop-down for mobile
  • Requires quite a bit of scrolling down

Review number three – GameOver:

Interesting use of animated graphics

  • Easy to navigate/responsive
  • Animated slider on top
  • Very clean & elegant design
  • Guestbook/Profile/Locations/Gallery
  • Single column design

Points to improve

  • Site loads a bit slow (hence diamond ring moving to indicate loading)
  • Cannot use drop-down for mobile

Depending on your style, each and every theme above can be re-touched to make a beautiful Wedding Website. Keep in mind that my reviews are strictly of my own, and some viewers may disagree with what I have above.

My final review is more of an interesting one, and possibly my favorite; a single page theme called Wedding Vow.


Single page theme from Wedding Vow

I’ve really liked this design as it looks fabulous on a mobile device or a tablet. While I am relatively new to the two column style, it worked well here with an iconic image in the middle to separate the paragraphs. However, it is missing a lot of features compared to the other site such as RSVP, blog, shares, etc. There are few modification that we could do to make it neater.


  • Add the frill from “Hitched
  • I like the idea of Video post… is this possible? like here
  • I like the image categorization if possible like here
  • Love the simplicity and icons from here


  • Working with Vow theme, I’ve found Flexslider works wonders, including text
    <div class="flexslider">
       <ul class="slides">
          <li><img alt="" src="slide1.jpg" /></li>
          <li>Hello world</li>
          <li><img alt="" src="slide3.jpg" /></li>

    Note that Flexslider needs to be embedded, which is explained in the website

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