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[2012-10-15] It’s been two weeks since I’ve started working on the eJuke project with three other members. I’ve learned quite about android development, and how similar the layout is to the HTML/CSS design I’ve taken in my Web design course. In terms of actual programming, I’ve encountered some problems that I haven’t dealt with before. For example, when the user clicks multiple times, the app tries its best to load all the activity, and goes into “frozen” state. I’ve found that this is actually an android bug(from google), and I would have to put flag to go around this problem.

I’ve also recently touched on the android activity, and need to @override start, pause, resume, stopped to allow multi-tasking.

Meanwhile, I did include this neat Toast which displays quick output on the android screen, which I thought was nice.

[2012-10-22] Few new things I’ve learned today. Android manifest, android:windowSoftInputMode=”adjustPan” allows the softkey to show without moving the view and android:windowSoftInputMode=”statehidden” hides the keyboard on screen. I found there is another problem, with adjustPan, the view isn’t scrollable, which is also current android bug. There are workarounds, but there should be different way of solving this problem.

Lastly, I got marquee working!


In Java:


More to come!

[2012-11-04] Finally, nice and quick way to get rid of the title bar, add this:

public void onCreate(...) {

Also realized how simple JSON is compared to using XML and DOM. Must learn more.

More to come


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