Apple versus Samsung war

Apple versus Samsung
Apple claims that Samsung Electronics copied the iPhone and iPad through the release of the South Korean firm’s Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets. Jury awarded Apple $1.05bn in damages after deciding a number of Samsung phones and tablets had infringed various software patents as well as mimicking the iPhone’s appearance.

In another point of view, Apple lost a claim against Samsung in Japan, providing a breathing room for Samsung, and score a few outright wins in the dozens of cases being fought in courts around the world between the two.

Does this look familiar? Apple’s next step? blocking eight Samsung phones from the store shelves. Judge Koh, has scheduled the next hearing at her federal courthouse in San Jose on September 20th and again for December 6th.

Apple’s victory from Samsung’s patent infringing
Samsung Electronics shares dropped 7.5 per cent on Monday, wiping more than $12-billion off the South Korean giant’s market value, as a sweeping victory for Apple Inc. in a U.S. patent lawsuit raised concerns about its smartphone business.

Samsung to sue Apple for advanced long-term evolution (LTE) use in iPhone 5
In retaliation to Apple Inc. suing, Samsung in turn will sue its rival Apple for stealing LTE patents in the iPhone 5 device that was launched this Wednesday September 12th 2012.Taiwanese device maker HTC, has already won similar court battle with Apple surrounding the use of LTE technology.

Discussion 1: What will be the final verdict?
Has this process actually helped the Samsung to grow their mobile market? Number one Tech Company in the world, Apple Inc., viewed Samsung as a formidable rival for their Galaxy line. Samsung’s multi-billion dollar loss could be of some benefit as it has boosted popularity for the general public. Will this patent ultimately hinder the growth of the tech world?

Discussion 2: Has this lawsuit show effect on the iPhone 5 developments?
As we have learned from Professor Sill’s class, it depends. We will have to wait and see.

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