Toastmasters at IBM

IBM Toastmasters Club
Hone your communication and leadership skills the fun and effective way.
You’ll notice your abilities improve during interviews, presentations and event planning.

Question: What are the FEATURES/QUALITY of Toastmasters which appeal to you as an intern?

I remember when I started IBM, I was full with excitement, determination, and I was ready to become a better me by the end of my internship. What I’ve realized soon enough was to get what I want, I had to go and find it myself. I needed help, and ToastMasters reach out and helped me take that first step.

Striving to learn – You learn to talk, listen, and learn.
You’d also get a chance to have a major/minor speech of your own, and get a feedback on your performance. You’d get to listen on latest IBM presentation, experience, and find out what is really going on around at IBM.

Diversity – Meet new faces, and really see diversity @ IBM. Toastmasters openly share on a variety of topics; an excellent example of diversity in action. I could really open up and lean from the Toastmaster mentors, talk about my goal and my future at IBM. I’ve met Ming from ToastMasters, otherwise I wouldn’t have became a good friend as we are now.

Ownership – every member has a chance to take part as a member to help IBM TM.
I’ve done TM interviews, had it published on FutureBlue web page and IBM W3 site and sparked interest amongst IBM members. I am given a chance to do a quick speech, (as I am now) to encourage other interns to follow up

One of the senior manager at Toastmaster told me, [TM] sessions are a break in a usually very busy day. Not a break like sitting mindlessly watching a game, but a break in using my mind for a different purpose. learning instead of just delivering results. As an intern, we need all the arsenal we can get, and Toastmasters provide just that.

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