i2i Session: Kickoff to the “Intern to Intern” program

UPDATED: If you missed out or want to review the session, download the presentation slides here:

Session: i2i Session Kickoff
Thursday, Jan 26, 2012, 2-3pm
Location: Y4-029

The Job:
I2I started as an idea to provide a professional social network in order to build a stronger Future Blue community. Each session will have a different theme and an intern expert will present and share their knowledge on the topic. This will be followed by a mediated, open-forum discussion for all the participants to take part and share in.

The Need:

We realized that there is a need for a program where interns can learn from each others knowledge, feel comfortable to ask any questions and learn about new opportunities to enhance themselves professionally. We need a bi-directional relationship with our peers, so that interns can share their own experiences and be inspired to improve themselves.

The Success Story:
After much hard work and many brain-storming sessions, the i2i team members came up with a proposal, graphics, advertisements, and tested the format in a beta session. And now the team is ready to run the first official kickoff session

What we want you to take away from our session is:

1. Spark a conversation – everyone has their story, experience or how they got there
2. Take advice from your peer – build a strong network with the professionals of tomorrow
3. Search for a common project/idea – Solve a real world program with a group of students
You can learn all this through the i2i initiative, Starting January 26, 2012.

Please ping one of the leads (Rena, Sabin, Heather or myself) if you are interested in joining our kickoff session.

Taehoon Andrew Kim
Intern to Intern (i2i) Session Program Lead

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