Tutorial: NY Times wallsmasher Chrome Extension

So NY times have limited to 20 article reading per month, and they have disabled after 20 articles. There is nifty way to get around it, and after learning how to install chrome extension, you can DIY very easily.

Required: Chrome Web Browser.

update1: Here is a direct link of zipped file for those who doesn’t want to try the tutorial but just want the chrome extension: Download Here (mega uploader)Please download Dropbox if you do not have it already, with this link gets you extra 250mb.

1. Creating a folder in your computer

2.Inside the folder, create manifest.json with extension

    "name" : "New York Times Paywall Smasher",
    "version"  : "1.0",
    "description" : "Disables the New York Times Paywall",
    "browser_actions" : {
       "icons" : {
          "128" : "icon128.png",
          "48" : "icon48.png",
          "16" : "icon16.png"
    "content_scripts" : [{
    "matches": ["http://www.nytimes.com/*"],
    "css" : ["nyt.css"]

and also under same folder nty.css

#overlay, #gatewayCreative { display: none !important;
   visibility: hidden !important; }
body {  overflow: scroll !important; }

3. Create an icon to be used as default image (you would need 3 images: icon16.png, icon48.png and icon128.png) copy the image below and put them in the same folder

Click here (icon16.png)
Click here (icon48.png)
Click here (icon128.png)

4. Load the extension under tools > Extensions and click on Developer mode to find Load unpacked extension button. Find the file folder and click OK. Click Reload to launch the program.

If it worked correctly, the icon will apear next to the address bar, and information about extension appear in extension page like this.

0 thoughts on “Tutorial: NY Times wallsmasher Chrome Extension

  1. Alex

    They may have updated it since then, but the extension only gets rid of the overlay. Still, only the first 2 paragraphs appear, the rest are covered up by some div. I couldn’t find anything though in the source code that was pointing at hiding any after the second one, but I’m no expert.

    1. Joe

      I’ve found that if I stop the browser from loading the page as soon as the article appears, the overlay does not appear for me.


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