Tutorial: VMWare How to install Mac OS X 10.6.6i on AMD PC

This works for AMD, there are plenty information for intel (I will update next week) but not too much on AMD. Pleaae leave comment if you like and spread the word.

There are two files required to do this process.

1. go into the vmx file change:

guestOS = “darwin-64”

2. Open vmWare: click on VM and Settings (Ctrl + D)
go to CD/DVD (IDE) and choose :
use ISO image file: browse for the  darwin_snow_legacy.iso

3. powerup the VMware

4. Right Click on the CD below and “Connect” then press

5. When you see the Darth Vader, click on the CD below “Settings” then change the ISO to the 10.6.6i. Click OK.

6. Hit F5, then “enter”.

7. Use english.

8. Select the hard drive and Click on Customize. “Select” ones that apply to you, I have ATI and Don’t have intel so I selected few thinsgs, and Font was also another option.

9. Installing

Many must have tried and got CPU error even before starting the setup. The trick was to swap the intel package snowy_vmware with the darwin_snow_legacy.iso (which is for AMD) when installing. Simple 4 step process. The requirement for sound and video add-on (for those require) is provided below. Above is bare minimum to install 10.6.6i on AMD. Please post any error you get and I will try to respond asap.

Visit this site for Intel Youtube Video:
<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DThspgJ-Sm8“>Some great video for Intel installation</a>

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