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The Next i2i Workshop: Making Beautiful Products with UX/UI Design

Our next i2i workshop takes place this Thursday, May 31st, at 2 PM. Surely, you’ve seen beautifully designed products like Tony Fadell’s Nest, or Apple’s iPhone. These successful products have (and will) leave a mark on each user, because “good design is long-lasting”. Whether each of these products’ derivatives evolve the design language, or naturally stick with the user, the designs are innovative, attractive, and are great examples of what a product should look like.

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IBM JA Titan program : 2012 Competition Recap

On May 2nd 2012, approximately two hundred high school students (grade 10-12) took their knowledge to IBM and applied their skills at the JA Titan Challenge. During this one day event they executed each aspect of a virtual company’s strategy as they competed in an on-line simulation to become the JA Titan of the Industry.

Sponsored by David Drury (General Manager IBM Global Technology Services) and David Robitaille (Canada IMT Executive, Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs), the day was packed with an opening ceremony, workshops, and finally the Titan Challenge: Competition Game.

Sixteen IBM mentors from different fields and varied expertise shared their experience and taught students to think outside the box. Mentors were the key to success in this event, as they were responsible for teaching the students the JA Titan guidebook and basic concept of business management. In a span of 3 hours, students were challenged with topics such as pricing/BEP (break even point), charitable giving, R&D (research and development), marketing, and capital investment. Some common tools such as Sale/Price = unit and Supply & Demand graphs were covered during the session. Continue reading

i2i Kickoff: Interns, We’ve Had An “i” On You

All thanks to you, our first few workshops of i2i over the last few months have been met with great success.  Now, we want to take things one step further and bring you our next, latest workshops.  Next week, on May 17th, we’ll be kicking off the next set of workshops, starting with the topic of “Credibility at IBM”.  As new interns wanting to make a lasting first impression, and old interns wanting to leave with a big footprint, this workshop will give you a chance to discuss and share techniques at becoming a better leader with integrity, understanding the impact of word choice on your credibility and image, and assessments on your own personal credibility.

What we want you to take-away from our workshops:

1.  To spark conversations with other interns – everyone has their story and experience to share.
2. Take advice from your peer – build a strong network and learn from each other, the professionals of the future.
3. Be inspired – build inspiration from the energetic enthusiasm of your peers.

The workshop will be located in the Ampitheatre at 2 PM, and you’ll be learning of ways to make it big at IBM, but we need you to RSVP, so ping Andrew Kim or Rena Chiu to get started. ASAP!

We also need your help and feedback for upcoming workshops, so that we know what to do and how to give everyone the most experience and knowledge they can get.  We made a short survey and we would love your input!  Click here to provide feedback. Or here, in case you read past the first link.

We hope to see everyone there!

[credit to Jeff Martin]