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How to Manage Your Media Files

How to manage your broken music files.

If you are like me, your native language  is not English. You also probably have a lot of music that you transfer from your computer to your mobile device. Frustratingly, files with non ASCII characters display correctly on your desktop, but when you transfer them to your phone/mp3 player you get a lot of unreadable characters like “l͚̫͕͌l̓ͧ̈́̑̄ͣ͊ ͑̒͋̿ͮ̇”. This means you need to take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and start working on managing your media content.

There are few ways to manage your files. You can use the methods suggested in this guide, or use them as a reference to find other programs that work for you.

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Valentines day Programming

Original motive was to use a batch file to create a series of event, to trigger at a specific time (aka Valentines day). After further research, and remembering from my dad’s old dev team in Korea (his team use to make these and give it to us on Christmas), I decided to look back to my old roots and do some research. After finding a great example from an inspiring developer, I’ve made some modification. Please comment for inspiration.

Dedicate this to Amy Jin, for helping me every step.