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IBM experience as an intern

Original Link : Future Blue website

Two IBM interns, Elton De Souza and Taehoon Andrew Kim reflect on their work experience as the middle-mark of their 16 month internship is upon them.

What is your role at IBM?

Elton: Currently, I am an intern at the JTC (Java Technology Center) in Ottawa. I play with the memory manager of the J9 virtual machine aka The Garbage Collector. In past lives, I have been an Extreme Blue intern at JTC which (sadly) ended a month ago.


Andrew: I work in the DB2 Information Development and Management department. I help communicate between the developers and the customers. I write technical, conceptual and related topics to help educate the customers of DB2 product. I spend fair amount of time understanding the product that I have to present. I am also an active member of the Future Blue ‘Career & Development’ team as well as the communications team.

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Moneyball (Movie 2011) and Big Data

The story here is that it works, and that the trends in the software analytic and data mining are growing, showing big results and have indeed taken the base out of baseball. If you haven’t watched Moneyball, I suggest this would be a good movie to see as an example of how big data works in the real world. Continue reading