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Tutorial: Using Netbean IDE 6.9.1 with Strut 2 and apache tomcat

Using Netbean IDE 6.9.1 with Strut 2 and apache tomcat

Under maven, click Maven Web Application

File/New Project

Now we need to create
1. Model (Object that holds all the information using get or set, such as
2. View (Server page to relay the information, such as index.jsp or fill_out_form_here.jsp)
3. Controller (Action class to control the interaction between the user, the model and the view, such as
4. Mapping (Couples the Action class and the view, such as structs.xml)

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Tips & Tricks: Bypass Welcome screen in Win7 or XP

It’s easy, it saves you tons of time, and best of all you don’t have to click to log in. Keep in mind that you are fully aware anyone can just start your computer and use your laptop on spot. This is great because it will load all your program whereas if you have login screen, you’d have to wait for a boot + wait for your programs to load. Continue reading

Review: SiteMesh

SiteMesh is very commonly used in websites, yet we take it for granted without much notice. I came across site-mash while working on the project, and gave it a whim to look up siteMesh and its design concept. Continue reading