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Tutorial: Hide your tracks with Private Browsing

How to go “off-the-grid” with internet browsers for Dummies.
Here we are going to briefly talk about how to go “off-the-grid” with different program and software. Here I will be mainly talk about the top three browsers (IMO) Firefox – Private Browsing, Chrome – Incognito Window and IE9 – Inprivate Browsing. Idea is simple, you don’t want to have your data lying around in the computer for others to poke around and find such as your business letters, email or embarrassing photos. Going “off-the-grid” keeps you and your file safe from others trying to view your information if you are in a pinch and have to use a public computer. Continue reading

New Concept: Using google calendar to “cloud” personal schedule

Using Google Calendar, you can easily sync “ALL” your schedules into one, sharing them between one another.

I’ve used Rainlendar2 Pro™ as a  platform to visually display all the information was quite helpful. I will describe more detail in terms of how to set up the system. I have been using this system for over a year, and with few modification here and there, I am able to easily view my calendar between my Laptop / Desktop and Iphones (multiple as long as Rainlendar2 is installed for desktop, and iPhone is synced to Google calendar) This option was not available before on iPhone but with new update Google realized how important it is, and now it is much easier to sync Google on your iPhone calendar.

This may be unsafe to be used for business purpose as I do not recommend any documents to be shared in the internet. Files that are password protected in the internet is just as easy as taking books from the library. There are some security but copying data is not secured without proper encryption (even that can be easily cracked with brute force)

Steps to install and set up calendar sharing:
1. Create a google account (for use of clouding your data)
2. Download Rainlendar Pro
2.1 After downloading Rainlendar2 pro, right click (anywhere on the calendar) and click on option. A new screen will show with options on top. Click on Calendars.

2.2 Click on Add will pop up a new window, and follow the steps to add Google Calendar to Rainlendar2 Pro. Make sure you leave the calendar name BLANK and add in user name and password

2.3 Now you have a Google calendar (online) sync’d to your desktop/laptop system. This can be done multiple times for other people to view your calendar. Just make sure you change the setting correctly. It should display like this.

3. Use Google Calendar on iPhone
4.  Install and sync