Monthly Archives: October 2010

Review: Chrome vs Firefox vs Opera vs IE8 vs Safari

At work, I had to review and install all the current browsers for testing for capabilities with the web programs I had to make. Update: I realized that the latest approach of gaining consumer’s interest is the quick update that each browser does, especially with Chrome and Firefox’s deploy of latest browser. This approach is good, as user is constantly updated with newer browser and have renewed feeling of using the same browser, but feeling different. This was a huge market advantage, although it could potentially bring side-effects such as frustration of constantly updating the browser, or god-forbid worsened performance. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks: How to with iphone

As I am a big fan of Apple and their product, I am going to write all the tips, tricks and know-hows I’ve recollected over the past few years. I will categorize them by the level of use; level 1 intended for more casual users to level 3 aimed towards those that would like to know how to jailbreak and/or sniff using the iPhone Wi-Fi. This post will be written by the WordPress via iPhone app, so bear with me as the pictures will be updated later on. Continue reading

Review: Panasonic Lumixlx5 vs Fujifilm Dcam Finepix x100

review coming soon (after Midterm) Continue reading

New Concept: Seeing through the mirror..

It’s a new concept that I recently discovered as I was looking at my full-frame mirror. Reflection I got from across my room gave oddly different feel, and space of my room. Investigating this further, I learned from my previous self portraits with mirrors gave much more depth and focus then the pictures taken from another person (from the same focal distance x2). Also the lighting reflecting from the mirror gave room equal brightness throughout, giving much more softer focus to the photo. I will further investigate this after my midterm this Wednesday. Here is a picture that captivated me to go further.