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New Concept: Living positive with poor vision.

It doesn’t always mean bad when we look at people with bad eye-sights. They are just living the world in a different perspective.

Today, I woke up with a slight tinge of headache on my forehead. I felt my sight being worse with my new glasses. I couldn’t focus on any objects around me unless they were inches away from me. Everything was but a blur when I woke up, with my left eyes, searched for my glasses that I left carelessly on my desk somewhere.

It felt different, then usual when I tried to thumb around for my shower head and shampoo. Everything was distilled, diluted and distant. I felt, for a moment that this really is difficult to live, for those of us with bad eyesights. How can we be to compare with those with 20/20 vision.

I’ve realized something, that instead of feeling down about my sight I should feel more optimistic with things that I have where those with good sight can never have. I am blessed with ever seeing aperture and depth of field, focus on things that can be insignificant and hidden. I’ve noticed small droplets of water streaming down the walls of my tile. Stream of water steaming off from the shower head, and shampoo head with brand name blurred out of my vision. All the distraction and noise hidden blurred out of my sight. I’m sure it has helped me so much to take captivating pictures with my camera.

I believe things happen for a reason and we should live best with what we have, not so much of what we want in our life.

Review: Inception

Most memorable scene in the movie?
When the train was charging through the streets of Chicago, with the slowdown tempo of the Edith Piaf’s “Non je ne regrette” I thought, this is defiantly the work of Christopher Nolan.

New word of the day: Overscan compensation

I was playing with my new HDMI cable I’ve gotten for 2$ a piece, and came across rather interesting article / Information.  More to follow

Tutorial: Learning Adobe Lightroom 3

Lightroom has always been my favorite application to use when I am editing or cropping my pictures really quickly. With my new computer at hand, I no longer have to wait 30-40 seconds per picture as it tries to change the White Balance or making the image Softer or Warmer. Here are few things I’ve picked up along the way. Continue reading

Tutorial: Learning Twenty-Ten

Today was my off day, so I had plenty of hours to expend my blog and learn more about WordPress Twenty-Ten’s features. I’m quite interested in where this will take me. As far as I know, I’ve learned much more about making a blog, or how to maintain using pages, posts and few other settings. From searching online, I’ve managed to see a lot of similarities and style that many bloggers tend to use to create their site. Hopefully I would be able to HTML away to make modification to this theme. Until I further fully understand the theme… Chao!