Monthly Archives: July 2010

Review: 1300 build tax included

So I’ve built a new rig, with cost approximating around 1300$. Here is the update for my new build. Continue reading

Review: Testing out Chrome vs Firefox

I’ve been an avid user of Firefox for the last 2-3 years for their simplicity and effectiveness over the other browsers (I’m not even going to mention explorer), but since the last time I’ve tested those browsers, chrome has come a long way from the bare minimum it use to have for us daily surfers. From the install on, Chrome has immediately downloaded my Firefox quick links, and they load much faster pace than the Firefox did. It is able to open multiple tabs much faster, and have faster startup time. With my home laptop, there may be almost no difference, but with my 5 year old dell Inspiron 6000 (I had no need for powerful processor until recently) there was a lag time of 2-3 seconds before the Firefox loads up when tested at the same time. I thought, hey maybe it has a lot of cache and temp files stored on Firefox, so I’ve used CCleaner and defrag my files. Still no difference. My final verdict? Simply clicking away from Firefox to chrome.

2010.07.19 Start of summer, start of new things

Hello, my name is Taehoon Andrew Kim. I’ve decided to start a blog to learn more about programming on MSSQL and PHP, along with few design tricks I’ve learned from my friends in graduate design program. Hope to start it off with a picture that I’m fond of, which i took when I went out to waterfront with my friends. I really love the red line in the middle, just look unbalanced as it goes from left to right, in the middle of the blue clear sky.

Canon T1i 50mm 1.4f