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AVD (Android Virtual Device) for Windows user

Table of Content

1. Setting your AVD (Android Virtual Device)

2. Using your android development mode instead of AVD

3. OEM Drivers

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Guide: Lotus SameTime client for iPhone, android and other mobile smart-phone

It can be frustrating while you work and cannot reach some of your important clients or colleagues, especially when you are in a pinch and have to reach them somehow. Working in IBM, I’ve noticed that without having tethering connection + VPN from your smartphone, this was near impossible until I’ve found an application that allows users to log-in remotely using your phone data-plan. There are many free applications such as, QuipIM, lotus-sametime-for-android, and so on… If you have an iPhone (like myself), QuipIM is battling away with the apple corp to get them to approve their app version on app-store. Until then, I’ve found this useful site for you to use this site HERE and HERE2. Good thing about this site is that, it’s web application, so apple cannot have any jurisdiction over the implementation. Try it today.

Tips & Tricks: How to with iphone

As I am a big fan of Apple and their product, I am going to write all the tips, tricks and know-hows I’ve recollected over the past few years. I will categorize them by the level of use; level 1 intended for more casual users to level 3 aimed towards those that would like to know how to jailbreak and/or sniff using the iPhone Wi-Fi. This post will be written by the WordPress via iPhone app, so bear with me as the pictures will be updated later on. Continue reading

Review: Panasonic Lumixlx5 vs Fujifilm Dcam Finepix x100

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Review: 1300 build tax included

So I’ve built a new rig, with cost approximating around 1300$. Here is the update for my new build. Continue reading