GMail Filter, “hacking little things in life”

You can do really fun things with gMail, and see some amazing things features that are not well known to us. Take few minutes every day to keep yourself organized and efficient!

You can hold shift!

1) Click on one item 2) hold shift and 3) click on the last item. Just like in your OS, you can select multiple items.


Filters can be applied to the Advance search in real time.

from: Used to specify the sender
Example: from:amy
Meaning: Messages from Amy

to: Used to specify a recipient
Example: to:david
Meaning: All messages that were sent to David (by you or someone else) Continue reading

Wedding WordPress Theme blog

CaptureI have been given a task to build a Wedding website for a dear friend. While researching for his wedding website, I wanted to blog my find with the fellow readers and share the development process. It is quite surprising to find that the wedding website generate large source of revenue for the web development industry. Newly-engaged are willing to pay if the website can tailor and really spark their life’s happiest moment. Continue reading

GroupTweet made for professional look for club tweets

Once you are added as a contributor for GroupTweet, there are two ways to send a message to your group Twitter Site.

1. Send a direct Message to @your-group-name
groupchat_instructions1 groupchat_instructions2_1

Continue reading

Switch Audio Between Speakers and a Headset

Soundswitch has developed a tool that allows you to quickly switch between your headphone and the speaker.

Instead of unplugging and waiting for your laptop/desktop to adjust on the change, Soundswitch runs a script that changes the default sound from one source to another.

Choose your main source(this would be your default/monitor speaker)

Choose your secondary source(this would be your headset)

To change the sound, left-click on the icon to switch between source 1 and source 2.
You can visit the site to find out more here.

Window 8 Sleep button on Start Screen

New Window 8 requires 4 steps as compared to Window 7’s 2 step hibernate/sleep/shutdown. Not only is this considered horrific in the UI/UX perspective, it takes a very long time to load the side panel on the right.

settingsfll power_settings

Here is a cool tip that might be useful. Most tech savvy people have been using this trick, Continue reading

Toastmasters at IBM

IBM Toastmasters Club
Hone your communication and leadership skills the fun and effective way.
You’ll notice your abilities improve during interviews, presentations and event planning.

Question: What are the FEATURES/QUALITY of Toastmasters which appeal to you as an intern?

I remember when I started IBM, I was full with excitement, determination, and I was ready to become a better me by the end of my internship. What I’ve realized soon enough was to get what I want, I had to go and find it myself. I needed help, and ToastMasters reach out and helped me take that first step. Continue reading

The effect of social media in presidential campaign

How Obama is effectively using social media for his presidency against Romney

In today’s world, information is transmitted instantly and interactively through the numerous social media platforms on the Internet. Social media can reach millions of young and eligible voters in an efficient and cost effective way. Before Obama’s campaign in 2008, radio and TV were the main channels of communication to the voters. The numbers and ages of the people that they were able to reach were limited, and often younger voters were disconnected. U.S. Census Data reported that approximately two million more young Americans between the ages of 18-30 voted in the 2008 presidential elections in comparison to the 2004 election [8]. Continue reading